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surestep Central Fab
Surestep central fabrication frees you up to spend more time with patients. Youíll get quick turnarounds, competitive pricing, and customization by measurement. We can help grow your business. Call today.

SureStep Toe Walking SMO
The Toe Walking SMO is a Surestep SMO with a posterior tongue-like extension that can be fabricated with Surestep trim lines or a full footplate.

SureStep Academy
Pediatric Orthotists, PTs and PTAs: surestep courses are back in session with brand new material. Our first presentation will take place at our workshop at the AOPA National Assembly in Boston, MA, on Septmber 8.

SureStep Academy
Surestep Academy is excited to present a new continuing education course, The Development of Gait: Back to the Beginning, focused on understanding the foundations of gait development.

SureStep - employee owned
We are 100 percent employee owned. Enriching and transforming lives through compassionate care and innovation is at the core of everything we do. Itís our mission. When the kids are happy, so are we.

Surestep is excited to introduce a new look for the brand! We wanted to freshen up our look to better represent our company mission and visually communicate what our brand is all aboutómobility, innovation, and fun.

Surestep is excited to introduce a fresh look in October. We have a new logo and a new website, but we will remain the same company you know and trust.

SureStep CFab can give you the edge that your practice needs to stay ahead of the competition with access to years of knowledge and expertise, and quick turn-around times. Call to order the new Dynamic Cervical Orthosis (DCO).

SureStep shoes and sandals have been custom-designed specifically for children who wear orthoses. Their wider, deeper heel, toe box, and instep allow for adequate room and a comfortable fit.

Specializing in pediatric bracing solutions for children with low muscle tone, our product line covers everything from the ground up: SMOs, AFOs, HEKOs, TLSOs, and childrenís footwear.

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