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855 My ILimb (US & Canada)
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i-limb quantum is smarter (use simple gestures to change grips), faster (boost digit speed by up to 30 percent), stronger (up to 30 percent more power), and smaller (anatomical styling now available in three sizes).

The i-limb ultra revolution with more ease of use and control than ever before. And introducing my livingskin—our iPad-based color capture system.

Touch the next revolution in upper-limb prosthetic devices. Introducing the i- limb™ ultra revolution with powered rotating thumb and mobile app control.

Revolutionary new digit technology is now available for partial hand patients. The i-limb digits put a new world of possibility at your fingertips.

Revolutionary new digit technology with smaller digit design is now available for a wider variety of partial hand patients. i-limb digits: a brighter future within your grasp.

Introducing touchcare™, the premier product support package. Now available, it includes iPod Touch with biosim™ mobile app, regular additional coverings, warranty coverage, and more.

Technology that touches lives.

Touch Bionics: apr12
Technology that touches lives.

Touch Bionics USA
Touch Bionics, technology that touches lives, featuring virtu-limb, i-limb ultra, i-limb digits, living image, biosimi-i, living skin, and biosim-pro.

Introducing the new Touch Bionics Electrode…

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