About Our Company

The POA Tradition

At POA, the patient is the focal point of our concern. Since 1986, Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates has professionally served the Phoenix Metro area. During this time, the company has established a reputation for outstanding quality among hospitals, rehabilitation centers, physicians and other health care professionals. POA originally made its name responding to trauma calls from local hospitals. Today, this progressive organization provides a full-range of comprehensive prosthetic and orthotic services that are precisely customized to augment the patients' treatment program.

Prudent management has allowed POA to expand its services without compromising the exceptional level of attention given to each case. Today, there are POA facilities in Scottsdale, Mesa, Phoenix and Chandler, thoroughly serving patient's needs throughout the Valley of the Sun.

Responsiveness, professionalism and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of POA's services. From the first interviews, through skilled fabrication, to expert fittings and rigorous follow-up, we give every patient the assurance of thorough treatment. Physicians and therapists are confident that at POA, patients will receive our fullest attention and appropriate care.

Total Service, Total Care

The basis of POA's many services is our dedication to each patient. To fulfill this commitment, we maintain close liaison with referring physicians and physical therapists from initial assessment through on-going patient management.

For each patient seen, POA sends a follow-up letter to the referring physician or facility. This explains when the patient was evaluated, what orthosis or prosthesis was fitted, any concerns or observations that arose and details of the follow-up plan.

POA services are comprehensive, covering the full range of prosthetic and orthotic needs. We gained our reputation with fracture bracing and in recent years have become known for our sports prostheses and neurological orthoses.

Following detailed measurement and precision casting, fabrication procedures are decided upon. Fabrication is carried out by POA technicians at our in-house laboratories, using state-of-the-art techniques and materials. Fitting and function analysis are provided in our comfortable and fully equipped patient rooms.

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