POA's Promise

  • We remain committed to our daily goal of enhancing people's lives by adhering to the precepts of mindfulness, respect, precision and gratitude.

  • We guarantee the fit and function of every artificial limb and/or orthopedic brace that we provide. In the event that there is a fabrication flaw or mis-evaluation, we will provide a new or corrected limb or brace at no additional cost.

  • The services and devices we provide will match the physician prescription and will be appropriate for the patient's diagnosis.

  • Patient convenience and satisfaction are of paramount importance to us.

  • Our charges include patient evaluation, education, casting, measurement, product design, fabrication and fitting. The adjustments and follow-up visits are also included.

  • Our customary fees are Medicare allowable rates.

  • We do not use "unbundling" in our L-code billing procedures in order to increase our reimbursement.

  • We do not charge office visit fees, casting fees or travel fees to care centers, hospitals, or other facilities.

  • We embrace non-exclusive contracts in order to allow an efficient, yet more generous choice of healthcare providers for the patient population.

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