Fitting and fabricating prosthetics is a highly customized craft. Prosthetics are as different as the people wearing them. That's why it is important for a practitioner to get to know the patient and their expected level of activity before designing a system. This ensures each patient achieves the greatest level of comfort and mobility possible.

Prosthetic specialties include:

  • Immediate Post-Operative Prostheses (IPOP)
  • Microprocessor knees
  • Myoelectrics
  • Carbon Graphite Components
  • Suction Suspension Systems
  • Ischial Containment /Narrow sockets
  • Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing CAD/CAM
  • Stored energy/Flex-Foot/Renegade Foot
  • Partial foot prostheses
  • Hand restoration prostheses
  • Lower extremity prostheses
  • Upper extremity prostheses

Advanced technological innovations include:

  • C-Leg®
  • DynamicArm®
  • i-Limb myoelectric hand from Touch Bionics
  • Ossur PROPRIO Foot
  • Flex-Foot
  • MAS Socket
  • Rheo Knee®
  • Harmony® VASS™ System