Referring With Confidence

Physicians throughout Central Texas refer to Conner Brace Co., Inc., with full confidence that their patients are receiving the most expert orthotics care around. The orthotists working with CBC, Inc.,carry certification from the American Board of Certification, the highest, most stringent certification in the profession.

Working with CBC, Inc., owner Arie "Bud" Bronkhorst are Raymond D. Joyceand Michael E. Raney.


Mr. Joyce has worked as a certified orthotist for 35 years. He began his orthotics career in the United States Air Force; moreover, he was one of the first certified orthotists in the Air Force. His tour took him from San Antonio and Dayton, Ohio, to Tokyo, Japan. He returned to San Antonio and was appointed chairman of the Orthotics Department at Wilford Hall, United States Air Force Hospital at Lackland AFB. Having completed his stint with the Air Force, Mr.Joyce served as director of orthotics at Hackley Hospital in Muskegon, Mich.,then he started a private practice in 1979,which he sold to his son 10 years later. Mr. Joyce then became director of orthotics at the West Texas Rehabilitation Center in Abilene. He joined Conner Brace Company in April 1994.

He and wife Sandi have seven children and 12 grandchildren.


Mr. Raney brings a varied background to his experience as a certified orthotist. Another ABC certified orthotist, Raney began his orthotics career in California in 1990. In the dozen or so years previous to this time, Raney worked in research, statistical analysis, mathematics and data management surrounding his expertise in computer programming. He received a doctorate degree in Applied Statistics and Research Methods at the University of Northern Colorado in 1986.

For four years, Raney worked with Submarine Systems and Electronics; during seven summers he operated and managed his own small commercial fishing boat, and has the distinction of building a 22-foot boat from scratch. p>Raney joined Conner Brace Company,Inc., in 1992, and has developed a special interest in foot orthotics. He also enjoys making presentations about orthotics to physical therapy students and at professional conferences.

He has two children.

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