Our philosophy is to help those with limb loss or impaired neuromuscular or skeletal systems achieve an improved quality of life with the most appropriate functional prosthesis or orthosis.

We cover all aspects of orthotics and prosthetics including, but not limited to: above and below knee prostheses; microprocessor knees; M.A.S. socket design; Harmony Vacuum Assisted Socket Design; upper extremity prostheses, with expertise in myoelectrics and the Dynamic Arm; spinal back braces and corsets; cervical braces and collars; upper extremity and spinal orthotics; stance phase knee joint applications; and sports orthoses.


Regardless of the degree of complexity, our able team of certified prosthetists and technicians can fit and fabricate all types of prostheses. We consult with physicians, therapists, rehabilitation nurses, social workers, vocational counselors, family members, and any other expert involved in a person’s rehabilitation to provide the best possible outcome. Functioning as a team, we pool our expertise to design and produce the prosthesis or orthosis most suitable for that person’s physical needs, ability, lifestyle, preferences, and activity level.

For amputees, the Muilenburg team handles all the details of fitting and fabrication in our well-equipped laboratory. Our staff also does all adjustments, maintenance, and repairs of devices on-site. After being accurately measured and fit, our patients are instructed in the use, care, and hygienic requirements of both the device and their residual limb.


Our orthotists are trained in helping to identify and treat musculoskeletal and joint disorders. They are highly skilled in fitting patients with the latest in lightweight orthoses that provide support, help maintain balance, limit deformity, and improve the quality of life for people with conditions that limit the function of their limbs or spine.


The prosthetic needs of pediatric patients requires the skill and expertise of practitioners who are knowledgeable about the factors unique to that age group. A pediatric patient is constantly growing and developing, so the practitioner needs to constantly evaluate and adjust the prosthesis to accommodate the ever-changing child.

Muilenburg Prosthetics & Orthotics experience with pediatric patients goes back more than 50 years when company founder Al Muilenburg’s first patient was a 12-year-old with PFFD. Through the years, MPO has developed a close association with Shriners Hospital for Children - Houston and The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research (TIRR) in providing care for pediatric patients who have limb loss through trauma, disease, or birth defects.

Improved technological advancements provide a variety of prosthetic componentry exclusive to the pediatric patient. As with all its patients, MPO works closely with the child’s physician, therapist, and primary caregiver to ensure the child receives the best prosthetic solution.


Shriners Hospital for Children–Houston
Memorial Hermann Hospital/TIRR
Texas Medical Center

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