M.A.S.® Socket
The Marlo Anatomical Socket (M.A.S.) Design is a new development in ischial containment (IC) socket concepts. With this socket, patients can sit more comfortably with no plastic beneath the gluteus. It allows for a full range of motion, better functional gait and stability, and a nearly invisible cosmesis. Our ABC-Certified practitioners have taken the courses and received the manufacturer-required certification for fitting this prosthesis.

Harmony® VASS™ system
The Harmony® system by Otto Bock applies Harmony® VASS™ (Vacuum-Assisted Socket System) technology. The technology creates an elevated vacuum between the patient's liner and socket wall, promoting natural fluid exchange and a secure fit. Special certification from the manufacturer, which Muilenburg practitioners have received, is required before fitting this prosthesis.

The DynamicArm® from Otto Bock HealthCare provides a greater range of motion, faster response time to commands, and closely mimics natural arm movements, as well as allowing for quick, exact positioning of the hand, even with heavy objects. Muilenburg practitioners hold the certification required by the manufacturer for fitting this prosthesis.

Rheo Knee®
Ossur's Rheo Knee® is the world's first microprocessor swing and stance knee system to utilize the power of artificial intelligence. Capable of independent thought, it learns how the user walks, recognizing and responding immediately to changes in speed, load and terrain.

Trias+ Foot
The design concept of Otto Bock HealthCare's Trias+ Foot was modeled from the natural human foot. It provides exceptional walking function - easy rollover to reduce effort and conserve energy, improved gait symmetry, and a reduction of excessive forces on the contralateral limb.

The Otto Bock HealthCare C-Leg® and Compact™ microprocessor-controlled knees are designed to deliver the best in stability and reliability, even when walking down stairs step over step, and provides an easier time walking up and down inclines. The on-board computer built into the knee senses and calculates the needs of the user more than 50 times a second. Our practitioners have taken the courses and received the manufacturer-required certification for fitting this prosthesis.

Iceross® Seal-in Liner
The Iceross® Seal-in Liner is an innovative suction suspension liner incorporating a hypobaric sealing membrane that provides a firm, comfortable suspension without an external sleeve. It offers improved freedom of movement, increased comfort and simplified maintenance.

Freedom Innovations
Freedom Innovations Renegade features patented Z shape technology that offers high shock absorption along with greater energy return and forward stride motion, providing a smooth gait regardless of the wearer’s speed. Because of the foot’s angular design, energy is returned to all key areas of the leg, providing optimum cushioning of the residual limb, but also the highest possible level of tibial progression. The foot can be used for amputees at any speed or activity level and is suitable for everyday use. The Renegade LP offers the same features and benefits as the standard profile Renegade, but in a lower profile foot for amputees with decreased clearance due to a long residual limb. The Freedom Innovations Silhouette offers high performance, lightweight componentry with the added benefits of multi-axial rotation and a slim profile. Manufactured using specially engineered carbon graphite lay-ups, it provides a dynamic posterior attached heel and compliant toe, enabling smooth rollover and natural gait. Tri-durometer urethane strips allow the amputee to walk on uneven terrain smoothly with confidence and security. It is appropriate for low to moderate impact K3 and above amputees.

Texas Assistive Devices
Texas Assistive Devices manufactures a unique range of interchangeable tools for persons with hand dysfunction and amputation. Solution aids include a wide variety of carpentry tools, eating and kitchen utensils, and outdoor and sporting devices.

The Sure-Lok by TRS is the world’s first cable lock and control system for body-powered prostheses. Its revolutionary technology mounts directly on the voluntary opening (VO) or voluntary closing (VC) prosthesis in line on a user’s cable system. VO split hook users are then able to lock their cable to avoid damaging fragile objects like picking up and holding plastic cups, soda cans, etc. The Sure-Lok can be operated through clothing as well. TRS also offers the Lite-Touch and MICRO Lite-Touch biomechanical hand, the most efficient voluntary closing hands in the world, in addition to other products.

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