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This month will complete the report from the Orthopadie + Reha-Technik World Congress in Leipzig, Germany including a brief glimpse of the historic Nikolai Kirche in Leipzig where the citizen's calls for one united Germany that ultimately led to the fall of communism in Europe were first voiced. And, an outstanding article on prosthetic outcome measures by Dr. Ed Lemaire is digitally reprinted, with the kind permission of the author and the Canadian Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists.

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  • Orthopadie + Reha-Technik World Congress - Interesting advances in upper limb prosthetics
  • Leipzig - One of the joys of international travel is the opportunity to see new places and learn about other cultures and customs.
  • Upper Limb Osseointegration - Previous Corners discussed lower limb skeletal attachment, but research has also been done on upper limb amputees.
  • Outcomes: Myth and Mystery? - "Outcomes measures" has been an increasingly popular buzzword in health care circles as the presumed "magic bullet" to somehow rationalize both care and its reimbursement.
  • In Search of Prosthetic Outcome Measures by Dr. Ed Lemaire. Digitally reprinted from Alignment, the annual publication of the Canadian Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists, with permission from CAPO and the author.