John Michael's Corner The AOPA Annual Assembly is being held the first week of this month, so check next month's Corner for what's new from that meeting. For this October issue, we are featuring several new offerings.

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Our inaugural Guest Article is contributed by Bill Contoyannis from Australia. And, no, it has nothing to do with the Olympics or even the Paralympics. Instead, Bill writes about the first independent international site for technical information about a variety of prosthetic components: TechGUIDE on the Net. Where else can you go to quickly and easily compare the weight and manufacturer's recommendations for similar endoskeletal connectors? This is also a great site to download line drawings, color renderings, and digital photos of various components for your presentations and publications.

This month also introduces the CPO Services Digital Reference Library. Over the next few months, we will be posting successive chapters of the classic UCLA Upper Limb Prosthetic text. By the end of the year, the entire volume will be available online, for reference or for downloading. We hope to make additional volumes of classic P&O information available in the Library in the future, whenever copyright clearances are available or when the works become part of the public domain.

The UCLA manual was digitized by Marcus Boren, a recent grad of the Century College P&O program in Minnesota who is currently doing his residency in Michigan. Like many recent grads, Marcus is an energetic and computer savvy individual who is always on the lookout for ways to use available technology to solve problems.

This month's Corner also contains with some observations from the recent New York Academy meeting, including a new resource to help practitioners launch new P&O practices. It ends on a sad note, acknowledging the death of Dr. Ernest Burgess on September 27, 2000.