John Michael's Corner Welcome to the intersection of orthotics and prosthetics in cyberspace! In addition to posting the final chapters of the classic UCLA Upper Limb Prosthetic text to the CPO Services Digital Reference Library, for reference or for downloading, we start this first year of the millennium** featuring a practitioner who has made numerous contributions to our field and to our understanding: J. Martin Carlson, CPO. This month's Corner concludes with a warning about the Nigerian Letter Scam, and a brief featurette on a new, low cost MP3 player.

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This month's Corner includes the final installment of uploads of chapters from this classic upper limb text, for downloading or printing. In February's Corner, we will start posting the next P&O text in the CPO Services Library.

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Very best wishes to all for a Joyous Holiday Season, and a healthy, prosperous, and Happy New Year.

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** Since the first year of the prior millennium was number 1, the conclusion of each successive decade is marked by the tenth year, which always ends in zero. Therefore, as confirmed by the National Bureau of Standards and the Naval Observatory, the last year of that millennium could not have been 1999 as is popularly assumed, but was in fact 2000. So, Y2K ended the last millennium, and we are now entering the new one!