Spanish Language P&O Texts

Understanding the fundamental principles that guide prosthetic and orthotic practice is one of the most important skills for any practitioner to master. CPO Services is very pleased to be able to post electronic versions of two Spanish language texts with the kind permission of Sidney Fishman, PhD., who headed the P&O program at New York University for many years.

Dr. Fishman has generously permitted the posting of the entire Spanish language texts on Lower Limb Orthoses and Lower Limb Prostheses, where they can be read, downloaded, or printed without charge - to educate Spanish-speaking prosthetists, orthotists, and other members of the rehabilitation team with an interest in our field. CPO Services has donated the costs of converting these texts into electronic PDF format, and will post one new section of each text every month.

During the period that NYU, UCLA, and NWU were offering the very popular short-term, upgrading courses in prosthetics and orthotics in the United States, NYU was invited to offer a number of similar courses in Europe and Asia. The most extensive of these were held in Finland, Israel, India, Portugal, and Spain. It was the courses in Spain in Lower-Limb Prosthetics that stimulated the excellent translation of the NYU text into Spanish through the generous voluntary efforts of Dr. Pedro Prim of Madrid.

These translations also served as the text for the World Rehabilitation Fund's long-term degree program in prosthetics and orthotics in the Dominican Republic as well as other centers. Although these translated text have not been updated, the fundamental principles and practices described are still relevant and offer an excellent foundation for interested practitioners, who can apply then these fundamental concepts using the materials and components available locally.

We hope that posting these texts will assist colleagues throughout the world who want to advance their clinical knowledge.

Special thanks to P&O Resident, Marcus Boren, for converting the native PDF files using Optical Character Recognition software that reduces the file size significantly and also permits word searches of the text.

NOTE: Due to the size of these files, it may take many minutes to download each section. To read these files, the Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed. This program can be downloaded for free at:

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