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This Corner continues the series of reports presenting highlights from the AOPA Assembly in Las Vegas, Nevada with thumbnails of some of the numerous educational sessions. It continues with a cautionary report about the implications of current privacy laws on the transmissions of patient images and finishes the year by reviewing a recent article about the use of the Ertl method for adult and children's amputations.

Next month's Corner will conclude the AOPA report with presentations on Future Trends, Innovations in Lower Limb Prosthetics, and Stance Control Orthoses - including research on a novel thoracic orthosis concept using magnetic forces to correct a sternal deformity.

All chapters from the Spanish language textbooks on Lower Limb Prosthetics and Orthotics have been posted, and remain available for downloading, along with the classic text from UCLA on Upper Limb Prostheses.

Thanks to the generosity of Sr. Alberto Castillo from Mexico City, the articles in this Corner will now be available in Spanish too. A brief biography is posted, listing just a few of Sr. Castillo's many accomplishments. Additional chapters from the texts on lower limb prosthetics and orthotics that have been translated into Spanish are also available for downloading.

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CPO Services Digital Reference Library

This month's Corner includes the next installment of uploads of chapters from the entire Spanish language texts on Lower Limb Orthoses and Lower Limb Prostheses, for downloading or printing. CPO Services is very pleased to be able to post electronic versions of texts used in the former WHO school in the Dominican Republic, with the kind permission of Sidney Fishman, PhD.

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