Jerome Voisin CPO

Posted By: mary novotny jeffries on February 15, 2016

I had the pleasure of knowing Jerome Voisin since the late 1980's. We met
through a mutual friend at an Academy meeting and I was completely taken
with his wit, charm and accent. Even before the Amputee Coalition was
incorporated, Jerome generously contributed $300. to support our early
efforts (a huge donation in 1989 when most professionals did not know the
ACA). Once when I called his office to leave a request for him to speak on
"Below Knees" (amputees), the secretary asked if I spelled that "baloneys"
For one of his most memorable presentations, he brought his patient Bruce
Kania. Bruce was an amputee who guided many people on hunting trips in his
home state of Montana. He gave the groups archery lessons and demonstrated
his skills in navigating rough, rocky terrain. An aspiring researcher,
Bruce worked for a long time striving to develop the right combination of
socket materials to suit his rigorous lifestyle. Eventually his efforts led
to development of the Alpha liner*. Later he told me he took tours in the
wilderness instead of being the leader and guide.
In addition to being an interesting guy and great prosthetist, Jerome was
an incredible compassionate man who loved his patients and was extremely
committed to helping amputees at every opportunity. Jerome's life didn't
stop with his work, he had a great family of shrimpers in Houma, he loved
his kids, his wife, music and people everywhere. Jerome was a shining
example of how one person can make a difference in everyone's life he

*Ohio Willow Wood product, I believe.

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Cell: 865-300-4890

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