Scoliosis Orthosis Wearing Holes in Clothes

Posted By: Samantha Wright on May 4, 2017


Does anyone have a solution to prevent clothes from wearing out when worn over a scoliosis orthosis?

The chafes/straps on the posterior of the orthosis are wearing holes in my patient's shirts. We switched from plastic chafes to dacron, but that did not help. She wears a camisole over top of the orthosis and then a loose fitting shirt, and the orthosis wears holes through both. We suspect this is from sitting in a chair with a hard back at school. We sewed longer straps and moved the chafes lateral so that they would not touch the chair when she sits; we will see if this helps. We were also thinking of making chafes out of a different material (leather?) that would be softer/lower profile.

Please let me know if anyone has encountered this problem before and has come up with a good solution!

Sam, MPO, Resident CPO

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