Vietnam amputee skiing and therapeutic horseback riding: films online

Posted By: Charles King on April 21, 2009

Dear 4,537 list serve recipients,
In the reference section of the O&P virtual library are 3 newly posted films, circa 1968, showing Vietnam amputee skiing and horseback riding in Colorado.  These films are 41 years old.  It is remarkable that they even survived to 2009, much less made it to the O&P library.   
There is a story to go along with these films, a story that should be documented and preserved.  I would like to ask for your support so that these films can be narrated by the retired Fitzsimons army doctor who established, defended and received official letters of reprimand for these programs.
So far, there are 23 contributors to the O&P library.  I'd like to thank each one.  Their donations help fund these kinds of projects.  I'd like to be able to thank many more.  Every donor who becomes a "Sustaining Patron" of the library will receive, from me, a dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies, and my sincere gratitude. 
I've consulted with historians at the Army's Surgeon General's office, there is no issue posting these films from a historical perspective.  Here is a link to the films:
Best regards,
Charles King, CP

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