John J. Glancy

Posted By: Kristie Hill on July 28, 2014

John J. Glancy, CO, 91, Indianapolis, died April 4, 2014, at his home.

For more than forty years, Mr. Glancy was Assistant Professor of Orthotics and later Assistant Professor Emeritus of Orthotics at Indiana University Medical School. Mr. Glancy was recruited by the school in 1967 to design, oversee construction of and run the schoola?Ts orthotics laboratory. The laboratory that he designed later was named in his honor.

Mr. Glancy was born, March 19, 1923, in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He wore a brace for most of his life as a result of a debilitating leg bone infection suffered as a child, which left him with a special empathy for children with disabilities.

Mr. Glancy began his career at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, and was on staff at The Childrena?Ts Hospital Medical Center in Boston, Mass. before relocating to Indianapolis.

While much of Mr. Glancya?Ts career was devoted to designing braces and other orthotic aids for children with significant disabilities, he also worked with adults.

An internationally recognized member of the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists, Mr. Glancy held a number of patents, published many articles in professional journals and lectured across the United States and in several foreign countries. He also wrote a reference book, a?oControl of the Foot /Ankle Complex: Orthotic Recommendationsa??, published in 2000 for use by university level orthotics programs.

Mr. Glancy's widow, Helen, died Saturday, July 26.

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