Help for Dog with Amputation

Posted By: Missy Salmons on October 1, 2015

I work at a O & P office in New Bern, NC and we have a dog named "Buddah"
who was brought in to us by a family/business associate who also owns a
business in town. He adopted this dog 5 years ago when he was hit by an 18
wheeler and left for dead, he took him to the vet and he had to have a
front leg amputation above the elbow. We are looking to provide him with
some type of prosthetic leg but the problem is we will need some type of
articulation at the knee joint. Have you had anyone ever provide a solution
for a canine amputation? We really want to help him out and we are planning
on fabricating something in house. Just use your contacts and let me know
if anyone could help us come up with a possible solution. I am attaching a
picture of Buddah for you to see exactly where the amputation is and why we
would need an articulating prosthesis for him. He has great function of the
amputated leg. Any information would be useful and I truly appreciate any


Rick Smith
EC Brace & Limb
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252-638-1312 (phone)
252-638-4648 (Fax)

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