What happened to the LumboLux? - Summary of Responses

Posted By: George Cioce on March 1, 2017

Thank you for the responses to my question about the LumboLux. There were
two suggestions, one was Blue Diamond Orthopedic, and the other was Amazon.
After checking, I found what I'm looking for at Blue Diamond.
Thank you to everyone that responded!

Responses Below:

Hi George,

I am the former owner of HOPE Orthopedic, the company that created the
LumboLux. My new business, Blue Diamond Orthopedic, has been selling the
Lynx for over a year. The Lynx is virtually identical to the LumboLux.

We offer it in both the 10" and the 12" back heights (L0627/L0642), and we
have a 15" version (L0631/L0648).

If you'll be at AAOP in Chicago this week, stop by BDO at 285 & 286 and ask
to see the Lynx.


David Hendricks, CPO

Blue Diamond Orthopedic



The owner of hope now owns Blue Diamond he might make something similar.

Scott Saunders

ABC Prosthetics & Orthotics

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Amazon .. . .


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