Billing & Collections Responses

Posted By: Fenner Inc. on January 3, 2017

Thank you to the list serve and all those who answered my plea.  Several asked me to post responses.  They are listed in the order received.
OPRS    920-388-2788CBS Medical Billing & Consulting    888-510-4416   (couple of mentions)Acc-q-data   866-631-3108   (couple of mentions)Compliance Accountability & Training Solutions   877-220-9379Complete Professional Office Solutions   o&   810-629-6424
I mostly just looked at their websites and all specialized in O&P.  They did vary as far as cost structure; some had cafeteria plans, some all inclusive, some had set up fees, some not.  I asked a friend that has taught courses on compliance if she knew any of them.  She recommended one so am calling them first.  Good luck to all of us needing help and thanks again.Mike Fenner  CP, BOCPO, LPOSpecialty P&O of Tulsa 

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