Corrective Helmet Therapy in Africa

Posted By: Bethany Halvorson on July 7, 2016


I recently evaluated triplets for cranial remolding helmets. 2 of the 3 met the criteria for corrective helmets, however they do not yet have proper head control. The family is also moving to Africa for work at the beginning of August. In an attempt to help them find a clinic/orthotist near them for them to follow up with in Africa, I decided to reach out to the List Serve. The family will also be asking the pediatrician they have already been established with.

The cities below are what they gave to me starting with the closest to a plane ride away"

1. Zambia
2. Mozambique
3. Johannesburg
4. Kenya
5. Nairobi

If anyone has a contact for an Orthotist or clinic that would specifically deal with corrective helmet therapy, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,
Bethany Halvorson, CO

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