Foot scanner for Foot orthotics

Posted By: Allison Cerutti on March 9, 2017

My company is looking into purchasing a foot scanner for the office.

We would like the scanner as a tool for evaluation of patients for foot
orthotics, primarily to accomplish these main goals:

1. Enhance the education of the patient and orthotist on pressure
distribution, arch height, etc. order to...

2. Better inform the patient on the benefits and function of foot orthotics

AND to...

3. Direct material selection/design and fabrication of the orthotics

We currently fabricate foot orthotics in-house but are open to using
central fab if associated with the scanner and if their products are
reasonably priced and high quality.

Please share any insights you may have on using scanners, what brand/type
with which you have had successes (or failures), and the various
capabilities of your scanner. Also if you fabricate in house or central fab
through the scanner.


Allie Cerutti, MPO, CO
Medical & Health Resources, Inc.
Columbus, GA

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