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Posted By: Steve Scott on March 29, 2016

Hello All,

I'm currently working with a gentleman who had a stroke 20 years ago and in December had a transtibial amputation on his affected side. This individual has very little muscle strength in his hip along with a slight contracture and no strength in his knee, and has been getting some botox injections to prevent a major contracture, all on his amputated side. Additionally, his hand on his affected side has contracted into a non-functional position, has no strength and is essentially useless when it comes to assisting with donning/doffing a prosthesis or unlocking and knee joint.

Has anyone on this listserve encountered a patient in a similar situation, if so, what prosthetic arrangement did you come up with and how successful was it? Does anyone have any suggestions that would help me get this gentleman standing, transferring and (hopefully) walking in some manner again?

Thank you in advance.


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