O&P work in Asia or West Africa?

Posted By: Paul E Prusakowski on September 10, 2015

Dear listserv members,

I was recently contacted by an individual who is interested in working with an organization treating patients full time in developing nations in either West Africa or Asia. The person is seeking clinical and/or teaching opportunities with an organization for anywhere between 1 and 4 years. Any leads can be sent to me directly and I will forward to the clinician.

This is a great segue to discuss a project that was started a few years ago. The no profit Digital Resource Foundation for Orthotics and Prosthetics (www.drfop.org ) houses a Humanitarian Database as well as an extensive searchable O&P Library (www.oandplibrary.org). The Humanitarian Database is filled with numerous entries that may or may not be valid anymore. The system is built, established, and fully functional, but needs some energy put into it to make it as valuable as it can be.

I frequently speak with people at ISPO meetings etc. who are seeking to establish resources to help connect those in need of help with those who are interested in providing care, education, time , resources. This Humanitarian Database tool is a great springboard that can be helpful in these pursuits without needing to reinvent anything. As is often the case, a sophisticated system is built to fill a need, but without constant tending it's value diminishes. Similar to a garden that is never tended.

If you have an interest and the ambition to help make this resource better, please reach out to me because volunteers are always welcome and a little effort every week or month can go a long way in building bridges globally and improving access to care in those areas of need.

Thanks for your consideration!

Paul E. Prusakowski, CPO, FAAOP

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