Children's Sports Limbs

Posted By: Kiera Roche on September 23, 2016

Good morning,I am hoping you can help me. The Department of h`ealth in the UK have just announced  that they are making available £750,000 for sporting prosthetics for children.To go along with this fund LimbPower want to create the follow fact sheets
1) Supporting prosthetists with the fitting of sports limbs for children.
2) A fact sheet for parents on how to look after the activity limb, stump care for their child, common issues and injuries etc.
W have already created a factsheet for PE Teachers which we can include and a fact sheet for Sports Coach UK which we can include.
I could really do with your help. If you have fitted a child with a sporting prosthetic, whether it be a running prosthesis or an adaptation for cycling would you mind telling me what you think we should be including in this information.Any help will be very much appreciated.We also want to carry out a survey on children's perception of physical activity and sport and the barriers they face.
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Kiera RocheChief Executive
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