replacement foot for SAFE

Posted By: Karl Entenmann on October 5, 2016

Hi all,We have a delightful 60 ish woman who enjoys golf, fishing from her 17 foot boat, hiking, canoeing, etc and who has for the past 8 years used a SAFE foot. We are presently refitting her for a new prosthesis and are trying to find a suitable foot for her.  Most modern feet are modular and water can get in.  She doesn't want water to get into the foot.  I've looked at the Otto Bock Aqualine foot but it appears to be only a SACH type foot.  We've looked at the Seattle Natural but it also is no longer available.  We are looking for a moderate K3 or even Flexible keel K2 that would be suitable.  Any suggestions?Thanks
Karl Entenmann, CPOPreferred o and pTacoma WA

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