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Posted By: Mitchell Farrar on May 4, 2017

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping I might be able to hear some feedback about the NUFlexSIV sockets
from anyone who has had any experience with them. We have one transfemoral
client in mind to trial the socket design and he is very interested in doing
so as well.

He is very active and his residual limb is long of a medium to firm
consistency. He is currently wearing a modified quad socket suspended
through passive suction and a Seal-In liner and is using the Rheo XC knee
with Proflex foot. When his socket is fitting well he only has a few issues
which the NUFlexSIV socket might address, namely being able to ride his bike
without the socket interfering with the saddle as well as some chaffing he
experiences sometimes around his ischium. He does not often have issues with
suspension, though incorporating a Unity system may further improve
suspension as well as control of his prosthesis.

If anyone has fitted one of these sockets, I'd be very interested in hearing
your experiences, especially with regard to the long term outcomes of use of
the socket as well as if anyone has had to deviate from Ryan Caldwell's
recommendations to improve their fittings and for what reasons.

Thanks in advance.

Mitch Farrar

Mitch Farrar

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