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Posted By: Richard Feldman on March 7, 2017

Dear List,
Below are the responses I received for my question of whom to have
manufacture custom shoes:

We like Phoenix shoes. They used to be Branier. They're in Sebring Fl.
They will also do an Arizona type AFO. We pull our own plastic and
they put the leather work on.

I worked in five states and tried EVERY custom shoe company in the
country. Quality wise you are likely to be Ok with Hersco. If you can
deal with VERY slow fabrication. Otherwise, I'd recommend no one.

We had good results with Best Fit Ortho labs.

I use Hersco and have been very happy with them.

I had used Lord Custom Shoes for over 20 years when I was in
practice.(retired last June) Ask for Ebo when you have a question and
he will guide you through your job. Greatest feature of using Lord is
that the shoes always fit right out of the shipping box. Any adjs. are
Good luck.

I have used a few places. The cordwainer that I used to use has
retired and one other place has gone out of business (Brainier
orthopedic). I have sent them to Mexico and gotten good results at a
good price from CIATEC.

Jerry Miller

So far we have found Phoenix molded shoes to be a good replacement for Branier.

Look into
Manufactured in NY

Thanks to everyone who responded. / Rick Feldman, cpo

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