KAFO for limb girdle MD

Posted By: Karl Entenmann on June 29, 2016

Hi all,I received this email from a physical therapist looking for input on KAFOs for limb girdle muscular dystrophy.
Hello,I realize I am contacting a company across the country, however, I have been having a very difficult time answering the question of appropriateness of prescribing bilateral lightweight KAFOs to a 70s gentleman with limb girdle MD (muscular dystrophy).  He has severe muscle wasting of quads, anterior ankle, 4- to 5 strength hip flexors.  There are no practitioners in my area who have dealt with this condition so I am now trying to find someone with experience to give me some insight before referring him again.  Thanks.Sarah Gutenmann, PT, DPT
Cohoes NY gutenmse@clarkson.edu315 767 6436
Any help would be appreciated.  thanksKarl Entenmann, CPOPreferred o and pFederal Way WA

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