Re: Clarification for billing DMEPOS in SNF

Posted By: Jeremy Sprouse on November 18, 2016

It appears the article written by Mr. Joe McTernan in the O&P Almanac is
correct. He provided a link that states O&P can be billed to Medicare after
the 100 day stay (or non-covered stay). The SNF or other entity that
furnishes prosthetic and/or orthotic devices to SNF residents for whom Part
A benefits are not payable (no Part A entitlement or benefits exhausted) and
for SNF outpatients may bill for such items.

Other responses also stated that the place of service on your claim would
need to be 31 or 32, and not 12 for the home.

Thank you all that responded and thank you Joe for the clarification.

Jeremy Sprouse CPO BOCOP

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