Our patients aren't just living with amputation. They're running, jumping, climbing, skiing, dancing and more with it. Our highly personalized approach to care starts with understanding our patients’ goals and how they want to live their lives. Then we build the prosthesis and the plan of care to match those goals, and work alongside of them to help them achieve the life they’ve envisioned. See what a difference the right prosthetic team and the right approach to care can make. Call or email us today.
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Cascade Orthopedic Supply
Representing over 175 manufacturers and 35,000 products, Cascade has serviced the O&P community throughout North America for over 30 years. Besides having an outstanding customer service team, Cascade offers a 10% discount to new accounts for the first 6 months and has overnight delivery—at only ground rates to you!
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Coapt, LLC develops and produces pattern recognition controllers specifically designed to provide a more intuitive, natural myoelectric control option for powered prosthesis users. Coapt systems are designed to work with commercially available upper limb prosthetic elbows, wrists, and terminal devices and are fit seamlessly to new prostheses or retrofit to existing devices. Coapt's pattern recognition technology uses greater information from users' muscle signals, dramatically improving the function and adoption of the prosthesis, and is suitable is cases where using conventional myoelectric electrodes presents challenges.
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Originated in 1914 as Red Star Pharmacy by George Fillauer Sr., the Fillauer Companies, Inc. has transformed into an international orthotic and prosthetic company leading in technical advances and customer service. The Fillauer Companies, Inc. are composed of the subsidiaries Fillauer LLC, Hosmer Dorrance Corporation, Motion Control, Center for Orthotics Design, Centri, and the Trautman brand of equipment. Together the Fillauer Companies manufacture, distribute and custom fabricate a wide range of orthotic and prosthetic products including the DuraShock pylon, the Oscillator knee, the Utah Arm 3, the Isocentric RGO, the revolutionary Thermo Formable Composite and the Variable Speed Carver.
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Kingsley Orthotic & Prosthetic Supply
The Kingsley Online Store is the only e-commerce site with the complete product lines from the finest names in orthotics and prosthetics. Orders placed online will be processed and shipped with the same care and speed that you have come to expect from Kingsley.
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Liberating Technologies
is a leading supplier of upper-limb prosthetic products with a long history of product manufacturing. In addition to the products the company manufactures itself, it distributes complementary products from three of the leading international suppliers of prosthetic devices: RSLSteeper of England, VASI of Canada and Center, AB of Sweden. The company offers a full line of upper-limb components and accessories, from simple body-powered components to the new sophisticated Boston Digital™ Arm System
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Motion Control, Inc.
Motion Control, a Fillauer Company, is the leading US manufacturer of external powered, upper extremity components. Since 1981, Motion Control has provided products such as the U3, U3+ and Utah Hybrid Elbow, the MC Hand, and the water-resistant ETD, providing unparalleled function in a robust terminal device. The MC Electric Wrist provides twice the speed and torque as previous devices, is 5 db quieter than any other wrist, and can be used with the MC Flexion and Multi-Flex wrist for additional function. ProPlus devices place microprocessor control in each device, allowing interchangeability with other manufacturers’ terminal devices, wrist units, etc.
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Your goal is to provide the best possible outcome for your patient. Ottobock’s full range of high-quality, individualized solutions fit every lifestyle and will help you give your patients the function and reliability they need. Established in 1919 in Germany, in the U.S. in 1958 and in Canada in 1978, Ottobock continues its commitment to help people retain and increase their physical independence.
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Spinal Technology, Inc.
Spinal Technology, Inc. is a leading central fabricator of Spinal orthotics, upper and lower limb orthotics and prosthetics. Our ABC Certified staff Orthotists / Prosthetists collaborate with highly skilled, experienced technicians to provide the highest quality products, fastest delivery time, including weekends & holidays, as well as unparalleled customer support in the industry.

Spinal Technology is the exclusive manufacturer of the Providence Scoliosis System, a nocturnal bracing system designed to prevent the progression of scoliosis, and the patented FlexFoam™ spinal orthoses.

For information contact: 800-253-7868; Fax: 888-775-0588;
E-Mail: or visit our website at:
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bebionic - the next generation of fully articulating myo-electric hands
SteeperUSA manufacture a comprehensive range of upper limb prosthetic components in addition to custom and production silicone cosmeses. bebionic is the latest addition to our upper limb product portfolio which also includes state of the art myo-electric hands and control systems, robust body powered components and lightweight cosmetic systems. Combining ease of control with elegance of design, the bebionic hand has been created with the principles of durability, performance and simplicity firmly in mind. The naturally compliant fingers and thumb provide a secure platform to perform everyday tasks using common grip patterns.
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T.R.S., Inc
TRS Inc. Prosthetics designs, manufactures and sells high performance, body-powered, upper extremity, voluntary closing prehensors and bio-mechanical hands and components. TRS is also the world leader in specialized activity specific and sports and recreational prosthetic terminal devices and accessories.
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Texas Assistive Devices LLC

The Texas Assistive Devices (TAD) interchangeable prosthetic tool system was designed to temporarily replace the hook or prosthetic hand on body-powered or electronic upper-limb prostheses to allow the user to efficiently and safely perform a wide range of activities. For people with partial hand amputations or hand dysfunction, the system components can also be used with TAD’s WHO brace equipped with quick disconnect coupler located in the palm.

TAD’s quick insert-release terminal device can hold a wide selection of interchangeable tools and implements, including dining or cooking utensils, personal grooming devices, and tools for gardening, carpentry, mechanic work, sports, hobbies, etc.

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