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Pledge of Excellence

ACTRA’s dedicated, caring professionals adept in applying advances in orthotic/prosthetic technology and materials have dramatically improved life for people with a wide range of physical disabilities. Today’s amputees can walk and run — many even enjoy challenging sports and recreation such as basketball, snow skiing, and mountain climbing. Children with mobility impairments and neuromuscular disorders can attend school, participate in recreation, and look forward to a meaningful future. The frail elderly and adults combating the effects of diabetes obtain supportive and protective assistance that widens their world while prolonging their independence.

Eliminating barriers to full participation in society is the essence of rehabilitation — and it’s what ACTRA does best. We safeguard our profession by observing rigorous standards of care, practicing administrative efficiencies, and encouraging bright, talented young people to enter this field through our supervised residency programs. ACTRA pledges to champion both rehabilitation care and expanded opportunities for children and adults with physical disabilities well into the years to come.