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Training and Technology

Combining the field’s highest levels of professional training with the latest in advanced technology ensures that ACTRA patients receive the care and assistive devices most appropriate to their unique needs and abilities. Members of our practitioner staff are board certified by either of the two accrediting bodies responsible for orthotics and prosthetics. ACTRA practitioners who are certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics (ABC) have earned undergraduate degrees and completed some 1900 hours of clinical training. Further, ACTRA facilities meet demanding ABC standards of quality care. Likewise, those practitioners who are accredited by the Board for Orthotic/Prosthetic Certification (BOC) have also met rigorous qualifications in education and clinical skills.

Thanks to their mastery of computer-enhanced fabrication equipment and prosthetic/orthotic components, ACTRA professionals can help patients reach higher functional levels than ever before possible. Additionally, our staff members both attend and present continuing education classes, seminars, and hands-on workshops concerning recent developments in the field.