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  COPA's Mission

Promoting the art and science of Orthotic and Prosthetic practice to create and communicate innovative solutions for a positive patient experience.

COPA Strategic Plan for 2009-2011

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  A Message from COPA President
  Ralph Nobbe, CPO

As we forge ahead through troubled waters, I have made a personal commitment to making the California Orthotics and Prosthetics Association a stronger and more recognized force in California. Taking forward over 20 years of organizational and legislative success, we face a future that will provide our profession with countless opportunities to impact change and shape our profession and our business' bottom lines for decades.

Where many may forecast gloom and doom in California, COPA is preparing to reach new goals that will lead to greater financial security for businesses and increased recognition for practitioners. Our aim to unify the business of O&P will be a major facet of this year's legislative strategy and marketing program.

As we face a battle for licensure, a need to reverse years of neglect for our public fee schedules, and a drastic call to turn the tide of an eroding work force, we will need the strength of all those who work and study in our profession. To begin that process, I am cordially inviting all businesses and individual practitioners to become members of COPA today.

There has never been a more important time for you to consider COPA membership. From the dismantling of the health care system, to unfair corporate bargaining, competition from unqualified “company reps”, cuts in publicly financed care, selective reimbursement, unfair UR decisions, delayed reimbursement, retroactive downgrading, denials for replacement parts, and the potential collapse of PT, OT, and P&O boundaries of practice, the threats are many. We will all need to stand firmly together to forge a competitive future for our profession.

I urge you to join the only organization that speaks directly for California practitioners and businesses.

Thank you,
Ralph Nobbe, CPO

  A Place for Everyone at COPA...

Strength is measured by numbers. COPA has galvanized support from the O&P business community by encouraging businesses of all sizes to join as corporate members. Today the organization is moving forward in representing the needs of the individual practitioner in all areas of career development, including educational seminars and a renewed commitment to licensure for California. In order to facilitate individual contributions to support COPA, new membership categories have been added to allow students, technicians and practitioners at all levels of the career path to join COPA and share in the march toward professional recognition in California.

  Standing on Success...

COPA has a proven track record in legislation, association governance and membership responsiveness. Representing the field since 1970, COPA is an organization that has the resources to bring the community of O&P together as one voice to strengthen and solidify the unique characteristics that typify O&P professionals today An Uncertain Future Without Your Support... For many years, the few have supported the many while all have prospered. The burden has now become too great and the pool of resources must be widened to ensure continued success.

The threats to the O&P community are real. This year alone, practitioners have been sanctioned by the Board of Pharmacy and the Physical Therapy Licensing Board. Individual lawsuits have been brought against practitioners who now stand in legal limbo with no statutory scope of practice.

Limited state resources to treat the poor and those injured on the job are being bargained away to those with stronger voices and wider support.

What will history say about your commitment to O&P?