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The National P&O Licensing Fund, Inc. (NPOLF) is an organization dedicated to the implementation and protection of P&O State Licensure on a national level. There are no dues paying members of this organization. You cannot join this organization. You may only support its directors, through your contributions, in their mission to help facilitate state licensure. NPOLF was formed TO GET THE FACTS OUT on licensure, coordinate individual state efforts for licensure and offer guidance on an on-going basis.

Presently, there are only 5 co-directors, all ABC certified practitioners. Future directors will be added as additional states seek licensure. Eventually, NPOLF would like 50 directors nationwide. The directors, when asked, by State P&O groups, travel to that state and provide accurate and detailed information about P&O State Licensure and how to achieve it. The directors also relate their own experiences, triumphs and defeats, in order to facilitate a greater understanding of the licensure process. The work is exhausting and time-consuming for the directors. They volunteer their own time in this effort. They are not paid from the contributions that NPOLF receives.

NPOLF attempts to reimburse the directors for their travel and lodging expenses. Their mission is vital to the future of the orthotic and prosthetic professions. National certification is inadequate to the task of preventing others, far less qualified-but representing themselves as such, from performing comprehensive orthotic and prosthetic care. This trend will only continue unless state by state licensure is vigorously endorsed and pursued. State licensure will determine minimal levels of competency. States will always seek the highest current standard of excellence as the minimum level of competency. That is why these lesser groups are so vocal in their stance against licensure for prosthetists and orthotists.

There is no entity within AOPA, ABC or the Academy to respond to these issues. That is why NPOLF came into existence. NPOLF requires your financial support to continue its state by state mission. NPOLF is a New Jersey corporation and is structured as a lobbying entity.


Lou Haberman, CPO, New Jersey

Mike Allen, CPO, Texas

Mike Rieth, CPO, Florida

Anthony Marano, CO, New York

David Varnau, CPO, Washington State

NPOLF can continue as long as you, the ABC practitioners and friends, support us. Think about the future and contribute today.

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