A Manual for Below-Knee Amputees


Preparatory Prosthesis. An unfinished functional replacement for an amputated limb, fitted and aligned in accordance with sound biomechanical principles, which is worn for a limited period of time to accelerate the rehabilitation process.

Pylon. A rigid member, usually tubular, between the socket or knee unit and the foot to provide support.

Rigid Dressing. A plaster wrap over the stump, usually applied in the operating or recovery room immediately following surgery, for the purpose of controlling edema (swelling) and pain. It is preferable, but not necessary, that the rigid dressing be shaped in accordance with the basic biomechanical principles of socket design.

Early Prosthetic Fitting. A procedure in which a preparatory prosthesis is provided for the amputee immediately after removal of the sutures.

Modular Prosthesis. An artificial limb assembled from components, usually of the endoskeletal type where the supporting member, or pylon, is covered with a soft foam or other light material shaped and finished to resemble the natural limb.

Definitive, or "Permanent", Prosthesis. A replacement for a missing limb or part of a limb which meets accepted check-out standards for comfort, fit, alignment, function, appearance, and durability,

Check or Test Socket. A temporary socket, often transparent, made over the plaster model to aid in obtaining a proper fit.

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