October 27, 2005

Superfeet Endows Pedorthic Biomechanics School

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With the support of an endowment from Superfeet LP, Ferndale, Washington, the Robert M. Palmer, MD Institute of Biomechanics Inc., opened the doors to its 60,000-sq.-ft. facility, the Historical City Hall building in Elwood, Indiana.

The landmark was donated to the Institute by Elwood Mayor W. Merrill Taylor and the Elwood Historical Society on the condition that the building receives $100,000 worth of renovations. The funds for renovations will come from Superfeet over the next five years, the company said.

Founded by Pam Haig, CPed, in 1996, the not-for-profit Institute teaches advanced biomechanics for those in the related foot and ankle care professions and footwear and orthotic industries. Classes are slated to begin in the facility in February 2006.

"We believe The Robert M. Palmer Institute of Biomechanics offers today's footwear retailers the best opportunity to train their staffin an accredited program that's focused on improving footwear selection, fit, and accommodation of an orthotic," said Randy Curran, Superfeet managing partner. "Superfeet is delighted to be the first corporate sponsor of this worthy program."

"We are enthusiastic about the opportunities that the city of Elwood, the Historical Society of Elwood, and Superfeet have provided us," said Haig. "Because of Superfeet's donation, we now have the funds to renovate this enormous building that has so much potential. We are thrilled to house not only our own program in this incredible building, but also the National Headquarters for Pedorthic Biomechanical Education and the Indiana State Pedorthic Association."

The Institute offers courses such as applied anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, orthopedic shoe modifications, and diabetic and retail shoe fitting. It is the first school to specialize in pedorthic biomechanics in a two-year associates degree in applied sciences, according to Superfeet. The school also has created an international "Partners in Alignment" campaign to prevent juvenile obesity and diabetes.

For more information about the Robert M. Palmer, MD Institute of Biomechanics, visit www.pedorthicbiomechanics.com

For more information about Superfeet, visit www.superfeet.com

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