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Allard USA
Whatever your 100% looks like, give it.

Allard USA
Partner with Allard and grow your business while building team relationships between PTs and O&P. Join our mission of support for better life. Allard USA: Your O&P Partner in Education!

Allard USA - 40 Reasons
To find out 40 reasons why Allard USA continues to be the world leader in the carbon fiber AFO market after 20 years, visit allardafo.com.

Allard ToeOFF
Foot drop canít stop us. Find out how the Allard ToeOFF can help your patients. Meet the team at www.getbackuptoday.com.

Allard ToeOFF
Congratulations to Rio champion paracyclists Jamie Whitmore and Jill Walsh. The Allard ToeOFF is the AFO that brought home the medals. Thereís only one.

Allard Ypsilon Flow
Ypsilon Flow provides optimum range of motion in the sagittal plane. It also has a new geometry design for the footplate, lower heel height, low-profile strut connection under the footplate, and gentle forefoot rise.

Allard Supports Team USA!
USA Paralympic Cycling Team members Jill Walsh, Billy Lister, and Jamie Whitmore qualified for the Rio Paralympics wearing Allard braces. Learn how ToeOFF can help your patients too.

Allard ToeOFF
My Allard ToeOFF makes me fierce.

Allard Supports Team USA!
Our braces could help Team USA paracyclists qualify for Rio! Learn how ToeOFF can help your patients too.

Allard ToeOFF 2.0 Addition
ToeOFF 2.0 Addition with the same great 2.0 features. The smooth, sleek surface allows pant legs to slide easily over the brace, and the colored surface in birch or black now extends further down the strut.

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