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esp - The EVA Valve
The EVA valve is the ultimate hi-vac valve. It can unscrew to examine the distal limb, and quickly plugs, unplugs, and rotates. It fits our standard housing and is easy to change to standard housing

esp - Aegis TT Pre-Flexed Liners
The innovative AEGIS family of pre-flexed silicone liners are the most comfortable liners available for walking, standing, and sitting. Weíve got you covered. Now you make the choice.

esp High Vac Barb
The new metric version barb is now available and tubing is now included. Itís re-engineered for greater reliability and performance.

esp - The Lyn Valve™
The rugged, reliable, versatile, adaptable Lyn Valve has been trusted for over 20 years. Itís available in auto-expulsion and manual-expulsion versions.

esp Pre-Flexed Liners
ESPís preflexed liners offer a new level of control for AEGIS liners. The 43 degree flex improves sitting comfort. Call or visit today.

The best just got better. The new look and feel is engineered with lockstitch technology to reduce pistoning. Our entire line of preflexed liners are at 43į for maximum comfort and natural, unrestricted movement.

The best just got better. New enhanced lockstitch textile reduces pistoning. The most effective silicone liners on the market are preflexed for maximum comfort and natural unrestricted movement. Order now.

ESP has the original pre-flexed suspension sleeves. Theyíre pre-flexed by 43 degrees for maximum comfort and natural, unrestricted movement, have a three-month warranty, are latex free, and available in a variety of colors.

For 20 years, ESP has been a leader in product innovation. ESP works with you and for you to provide solutions by pioneering products that become the standard for use in prosthetics. Our commitment to you is stronger than ever.

Aegis Liners by ESP are pure silicone for all socket designs, have a custom-like fit with off-the-shelf convenience, are available in conventional, straight design, and have customizable outer fabric.

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