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Kingsley Mfg
Pack your seabag, step into your Topsiders, and enjoy a quiet afternoon of sailing with your Kingsley Striders.

Kingsley Mfg - Wayfarer
For sandals and barefoot walking, consider the Kingsley Wayfarer SACH foot. Closed-cell waterproof foam is available in medium and Litefoot densities, and toes can be split for a sandal toe.

New Skin has a cosmetic finish for all exo-and endoskeletal prostheses. New Skin Complete is the prefabricated protective and cosmetic leg covering.

Kingsley Manufacturing
With many Kingsley Feet to choose from, we enjoy a challenge. Call us for your most demanding patient.

Kingsley Manufacturing
The Kingsley palette is a rainbow of color pigments to imitate every skin tone with consistent shades of color quality, and compatibility with all acrylic and polyester resins and with many commercially available coatings.

Kingsley Manufacturing
Time for action, ladies.

Kinglsey Manufacturing
Kingsley Manufacturing makes fast work of order turnaround, less than 24-hour turnaround on stock items.

Kingsley Manufacturing
Kingsley Foot Chart: We enjoy a challenge, call us for your most demanding patient.

New Life - A Division of Kingsley
New Skin and New Skin Complete, for a New Life.

Kingsley Manufacturing
New skin, the cosmetic finish for all exo- and endoskeletal prostheses that looks like real skin! Also offering new skin complete, a pre-fabricated cosmetic covering available in four transtibial sizes.

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