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Spinal Tech custom blade
Meganís a blade runner. The technicians at Spinal Technology are experts in fabricating the latest prosthesis technology to help patients like Megan lead full, rich lives.

Spinal Tech Providence Brace
Whatís Jenniferís big secret? Jennifer wears a Providence brace to treat her scoliosis, but her friends will never know unless she decides to tell them. Thatís because she only wears her brace overnight, at home.

Spinal Tech custom AFO
When the cast comes off, Bill plans to get back to his walking routine. But his foot will be too weak to bear weight unassisted for a while. Billís orthotist knows that the answer is a custom AFO from Spinal Technology.

Spinal Technology
Spinal Technology takes your orders for custom fabrication nearly 90 hours every week. We work late, so you donít have to.

Spinal Technology is 25
2016 marks our 25th year as a leader in custom O&P fabrication. Weíd like to thank all of our loyal practitioners who have helped us grow over the years. We work for you, the practitioner. Your service is our priority.

Quality fabrication you can count on from experts in lower-limb orthotic and prosthetic fabrication. Lower Limb Technology is a division of Spinal Technology.

Spinal Tech custom TLSO
Timís no longer a soccer standout. His orthotist knew that a custom-fabricated TLSO with sternal shield made by Spinal Technology would help him stand straight and tall off the field.

Spinal Technology
Girls just want to have fun! Now they can with Providence Nocturnal Scoliosis Orthoses that are only worn at night but, according to studies, are just as effective in treating adolescent, idiopathic scoliosis as full-time braces.

Spinal Technology
Theyíre not only our hours of operation, theyíre yours. Spinal Technology, your central fabrication resource, offers same day or next day delivery based on the time of order, flight availability, and courier.

Spinal Technology Scoliosis Orthotic Symposium Ė August 14th and 15th, 2014

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